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Ph: 027 249 1787

Hi and Welcome!

If Administration/Organisational Management isn't your thing or you are new to being in business,
we are here to provide you with support and advice, and can provide a capable, experienced pair of hands to help you, with any of your Administration/Small Business Management tasks.

Bennett's Admin Consultancy specializes in Allied Health Administration and NZS 8171:2005 Allied Health Sector Standard Accreditation preparation.

We can help you and your business with:

setting up your admin processes if you are newly self-employed,
designing your Operational Systems, writing your Policy and Procedures,
writing a custom business manual starting from from our Business Manual Template or updating your existing business manual and business processes,
design and implementation of Allied Health Admin processes to meet NZS 8171:2005 Allied Health Sector standards,
designing your business How To documents and business forms,
  or any of the multitude of Business Organizational tasks that need doing or have been put in the too hard basket.

We know these things are super important to the efficiency of your business and can create chaos and stress if they aren't done because you just don't have time or you just aren't sure where to start.

 So if you don't have time for any of that or just need a hand get in touch with us and then relax.